I have long been a member of the Martineau Society and have held various posts since 2003. e.g. Secretary, Treasurer. I am now Administrator. The Society has a tremendous website where you can find a lot more information about the Martineaus

Martineau website: www.martineausociety.co.uk

A collection of articles, co-edited with Professor Valerie Sanders and entitled Harriet Martineau and the Birth of the Disciplines was published by Rutledge in August 2106.  For details, click here

Here are some of my own unpublished papers on Harriet Martineau. I hope one day to put them into a book

Feminism and the cases of Hannah Cullwick and Harriet Martineau (1995), click here

Biography, their Subjects and the Construction of Self: The illuminating case of Harriet Martineau (1996), click here

The Truth and Harriet Martineau: Interpreting a Life (2002), click here

Eric, Brian and Harriet: Autobiography as ….. (2003), click here

Harriet Martineau on Education, (2004), click here

Scholarship on Women in Auto/biography and History: Placing Harriet Martineau (2004), click here

Women , Wealth and Power: Women And Knowledge Production, (2004, with Ruth Watts), click here

Deerbrook: True Love and Purple Prose  (2006), click here

The only woman in England who thoroughly possessed the art of writing: Harriet Martineau and journalism (2009), click here

Harriet Martineau and the Suspicions of Mr Whicher (2009), click here

Harriet Martineau and feminism. PowerPoint presentation for Martineau Society meeting,  21-4 July 2014, click here