While much of my academic work has been political with a small ‘p’, below are activities that are more generally  political

I have been a member of the Labour Party virtually all my adult life in various capacities including Secretary of the Holborn and King’s Cross branch just before David Miliband.  In May 2013, I stood as Labour Party candidate in the East Sussex County Council elections and in 2015, in elections for Lewes District and Town Council. For the leaflet produced for the 2013 campaign, click here.

I have been a member of the Lewes Holocaust Memorial Day Group since it was established in 2013.  For the 2017 brochure which draws on my book Tales of Loving and Leaving click here

Here is a youtube video about ‘older’ people in Lewes, and their opinions about Brexit. Recorded in 2017 by Oliver Holland and Linda Lamont,  you will see that the majority of interviewees are for staying in the European Union, though there is a sizeable minority who are pro-Leave,  both from the political Left and Right.  David (Hamilton) and I were among those interviewed. To see the video clip, click here