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  1. My mother married Maximilian Mauruber in Vienna on 11/07/1936 and divorced him in London on the 23/10/1946. My mother died December last year aged 99yrs, the only outstanding “fact” I know is she was a relative of Bertha von Suttner . We only found out that my mother was a divorcee after our father died. I hope this causes you interest not pain.
    Regards SM Elster.

  2. It is so good to hear from you. We knew before you confirmed it that Max Mowbray as he was known had been divorced before he married Elsa Dinger, my mother’s sister. Max also had a sister, a camp survivor, Tilly Mauruber, who returned to Vienna after the war and whom I met some time in the 1950s. I have the remains of Max’s documents in case you are interested. Where do you live? if you like perhaps we could meet and I could show you some of the documentation

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